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Paying attention to the details while overseeing the big picture are the skills I've honed throughout my career in New York City. I started on product shoots in advertising over 30 years ago, and worked my way into Art Directing editorial home remodeling shoots as well as food shoots.

My work ethic hails from my upbringing—my father grew up in "old world Europe" and taught me that
no job is too small. I have held up photographers' reflector boards, steamed all sorts of linens, bit into foods for the "eating" shot, and moved furniture around the set. (Although, there once was a baby grand piano in a Washington DC shoot that didn't budge.) I really thrive on being a team player.

Art Direction

Ideation of the "big picture"

Concept & Planning

Shoot scripting

Coaching and directing talent on set

Collaborating with clients, photographers and chefs

I keep the wheels in motion on your shoots.


Food Styling

Assembling recipes

Plating prepared foods


Prop Styling

Pre-production: Prop planning and acquisition for each shoot

Food shoots: styling/plating recipes, styling place, room and table settings

Architectural: styling multiple rooms, some needing "open floor plan flows," styling outdoor settings.

Working with models, family members (and pets!)


Where I work...

Currently based in Allentown, I also serve eastern Pennsylvania areas — to Lancaster and beyond. A native Jersey girl who spent three decades working in NYC, I thrive in the NY metropolitan area, too.

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